Thursday, December 1, 2011

A New Website

This is my second website that I worked on in class.  It's a script of a game that involves a DEA agent named John stopping a big time drug lord named Juan.  In the game, there are five levels, the first four involving four different drugs and getting more difficult as they progress, and then a final boss battle against Juan himself.  Being played via a computer, in each level other than the last, the player will shoot bags of drugs until Juan runs out and has to get a different drug more effective than the last.  In the last level, Juan will hop into his truck and a battle against him will end the game.  This is just a short summary of what's written in the script.  In the script, there's flashbacks that the main character will have displaying why he wanted to become a DEA agent and they will ultimately lead up to the final climax (a final boss battle against Juan).  Also, the gameplay mechanics are explained and facts on the drug war currently going on between the United States and Mexico are seen in the game and can be read in the script.  If this sparks your interest, check out my full script at   For a direct link, click here.


  1. I checked out your game script, it was exciting and I thought that you did a really good job on the project as a whole!

  2. Excellent script, very well organized with a great finally. I like the flashbacks, they were added at well placed moments in the story. Good character development with John, But, would have liked to know more about Carl.